Namibia “Presidential Revitalization Plan” Project

At the beginning of 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued a document in “secret letter” form to fully open up universities’ overseas education in an all-round way. Under such national policies background, our school combines Nantong's “Going Out” overseas business strategy and seeks cooperation through Nantong's overseas business channels in Africa. Considering the stability of Namibia's political situation, industrialization is on the way, and there is a need for professional and technical personnel training, our school has established communication channels with the Namibia Higher Education Department and universities, under the support of Nantong Foreign Affairs Office and Council for the Promotion of International Trade. At the same time, our school has established a good relationship with the Namibia Student Financial Aid Foundation NSFAF (subordinate to the Ministry of Finance), which is responsible for the selection and scholarship funding of Namibia students studying in foreign countries. After consultation between the two parties, cooperation began from 2016. Our school provides scholarships and NSFAF provides subsidies (including tuition fees, living expenses, passport fees, visa fees, medical insurance premiums, etc.). Because of the significance of this project, it was included in the “Presidential Revitalization Plan” by Namibia.


In 2016, the Namibian government designated the Admissions Team consisting of the Ministry of Higher Education, the National Training Department, the Namibian Student Financial Aid Foundation, and the Sun Group commissioned by our school to recruit students in Namibia. More than 3,000 candidates have been selected. Candidates must graduate from high school and have good grades in mathematics, foreign languages, physics, etc. Finally, the Namibian recruiting team provided a list of 100 candidates to our school. Our school then organized the admissions team to conduct a video interview, and finally determined that 41 students came to our school to study. In March 2018, 42 students were selected by the Namibian government to our school. At present, there are 82 students in this project (one returned home ahead of time).


Due to the significance of the project, the project was highly valued by both parties. Every year, all international students are escorted to our school by representatives from the Namibian Higher Education Department and the Namibian Student Financial Aid Foundation. Admission requirements: Namibian citizens; high school graduation (Good in English, mathematics, physics, biology and other subjects); Good health. Willing to learn and serve their motherland.


The selection of international students in Namibia is carried out in collaboration among Nantong Vocational University, Nantong Business Enterprise in Namibia, Namibian Higher Education Department, National Training Department, and Student Financial Assistance Foundation. The enrollment is standardized and strict.